Booking Period & Rate

Bookings are currently closed until March 2022, thank you for those that applied and thank you for your patience while the applications are being reviewed. 

*Flash drops will be occurring throughout January - March for more appointment opportunities with predawn designs. 

My current rate is 200/hour. Which is also my minimum. If your tattoo takes under an hour you will only be charged $200

Design Procedure

Due to the high volume of scheduled appointments taken on, preparation of designs is worked on with priority. Your tattoo will be ready for your appointment. 

Unfortunately to protect from Art theft, drawings and designs will not be sent over email. Unless otherwise discussed. To ensure that you are 100% happy with your design any minor changes can be made right before your appointment after seeing your design in person. 

If a full redraw is needed due to personal issues with the artwork, another deposit will be requested as more time will be needed for a new design. This protects both the time and integrity of the artist. 

Remember you are choosing to book an appointment with full trust that a design will be created based on style and detail of the artist. 

Deposit Information

When booking a tattoo appointment, I will require a $100.00 deposit. The time and date of your tattoo appointment is NOT guaranteed until the deposit is received, even if arrangements have already been made via e-mail. The deposit solidifies the date and time of the tattoo appointment. 

Your deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. A minimum of one (1) week notice must be given to change the design or reschedule a tattoo date. A failure to notify me within one (1) week will result in the full loss of the deposit for that appointment. Another deposit will be necessary to book a new tattoo appointment date unless otherwise discussed. 

Deposits can be made in cash at the shop, or through e-transfer to the correct address which will be provided at the time of booking. 

Your full deposit will come off the remaining balance of your tattoo at the end of your appointment. The remaining balance will need to be paid on site. 

Right to Refuse (Potential)


In order to provide you with the most authentic tattoo experience and stay true to my integrity as an artist, I reserve the right to refuse any tattoo design that I feel is not compatible with my capability as an artist. 

Touch Up Information

If you require a touch up for a tattoo done by me, please wait six (6) to twelve (12) weeks for full healing to be completed. Contact me even if my booking period is closed as previous clients have priority. 

Free touch-ups are available to any tattoos subject to lines that haven't healed correctly and will be honoured up to six (6) months after the scheduled tattoo date. 

If the correct after care has not been followed and fading has occurred as a result of a failure to follow proper precautions to protect against sun damage or the natural skin ageing process, a charge of $50.00 will be applied to touch up the tattoo. 

Books Closed

This refers to closing my schedule because all of my available time for new and existing projects have been booked. I usually book my time in 3-4 month periods, so even though my books are closed they will re-open! 


I am currently only accepting cash or etransfers. Special exceptions can be made for PayPal payments as well if needed.

Age Restriction 

You must be eighteen (18) years of age or older at the time of your tattoo. Even with parental consent it is a strict policy to not tattoo minors. Please respect the terms and conditions.

Using Format