Saniderm Healing

Saniderm bandages are micro perforated to allow oxygen to pass through but keep water out. You can shower with your bandage on but be sure not to wash too close to the area as that can compromise the adhesive. 

** If you are noticing some tenderness or redness around the perimeter of the adhesive you might be having a mild reaction. You can remove the bandage prematurely and let your tattoo heal without it by following the instructions for Bandage Healing. 

Day 1 - 3+

Leave your clear bandage on for 3 or more days unless instructed otherwise. The longer your tattoo is covered with this bandage the better the healing process. 

Your body will naturally push out liquid and ink so it is completely normal to see a mix of this pooling underneath. Your tattoo will still be underneath! 

Bandage Removal 

It is easiest to remove the bandage while showering as this warms the adhesive for easier removal with minimal discomfort. 

Never rip the bandage off in one go as this could damage the skin underneath. 

Instead slowly roll the bandage away from the skin. 

After removal rinse the area with warm water and softly massage any lingering liquid and ink away. (Do not use harsh soaps at this point) 

When you finish your shower pat the tattoo dry with a paper towel and discard. Bath towels can harbour lingering bacteria or loose fibres that you don't want in your tattoo. 

Subsequent Care

Over the next 2-3 weeks you will be caring for your fresh tattoo by keeping it clean and hydrated. 

Aquaphor (Eucerin Brand) is the best ointment for healing and can be purchased from any local pharmacy or online. 

Every couple of days for about a week or two or after any physical activity wash your tattoo with unscented soap made for sensitive skin. Dove makes a really mild soap which is perfect for cleaning. 

Apply a small amount of Aquaphor to the tattoo and gently massage it into the skin. Do not over moisturize. There shouldn't be a lingering coat of product sitting on the tattoo. 

Continue to moisturize as needed, it will keep your tattoo looking fresh! 

Your tattoo should be fully healed in 6 weeks. 



Bandage Healing 

Leave your bandage on for 24 hours. 

On the second day remove your bandage slowly and carefully in a clean environment. Use any unscented soap made for sensitive skin. Gently wash your tattoo and rinse thoroughly with warm water. 

After rinsing pat dry with a paper towel and discard as this insures no fibres or bacteria transfer which might happen with a regular bath towel. 

Once dry apply a small amount of Aquaphor evenly to cover the whole tattoo with a clean hand. 

Repeat over the next few days paying attention to how the skin is reacting. Wash after and physical activity or anytime you question the cleanliness of your tattoo. 

Once a week has past continue to wash and apply Aquaphor as needed. 

Your tattoo should be fully healed in 6 weeks. 




I just got my cool new tattoo from Steph! Can I go swimming? 

I know it's a bummer but I am sure you like your skin and healthy body. Please do not submerge your new tattoo in water of any kind even if you think it is clean. The Saniderm bandage is technically water proof but should not be submerged. You should wait until your tattoo is no longer flaking before taking part in any water activities! (this can be different for everyone so just pay attention to your own healing process) 

Can I workout with a new tattoo? 

Wait at least 3-5 days before any aggressive physical activity. If you are wearing any tight clothing that will rub against the new tattoo this could compromise healing and cause for fall out. Remember to also clean your tattoo after any physical activity as well as gyms and yoga mats generally harbour a lot of bacteria. 

What should I put on my new tattoo to help it heal and keep it moisturized? 

Every artist has their own tried and true way of healing their artwork so it is best to listen to the guidelines of the specific artist for their tattoos. I recommend the use of Dove bar soap for sensitive skin as it has no perfumes and is really soft on skin but cleans well. You want to use a bar soap because it creates a lather that can be gently massaged into the skin without the use of a cloth or loofa which will be too aggressive on a healing tattoo. The healing ointment I recommend it Aquaphor. The brand is Eucerin and this ointment can be found and purchased from any local pharmacy. 

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